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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2003Change and continuity : an exploration into the phenomena of adaptive reuse of historical buildings.Velani, UrviVyas, H. Kumar
2000Design of a tradeshow exhibit : contribution of marketing in design for commerce.Santani, JuhiVyas, H. Kumar
1996Designing for the disabled : an enquiry in to the interior spaces for learning for children with cerebral palsy.Bajaj, NitashaDesai, Madhavi; Vyas, H. Kumar
2010Drawing in design education : the imperatives of the digital age - Minor A.Sheth, SuchitraVyas, H. Kumar
1999Forces influencing form of vernacular dwellings : an inquiry into dwellings of Leh.Mehra, AparnaVyas, H. Kumar
1999Minimal interiors : an exploration of the potential of minimalism and study of its manifestation in the design of interiors.Thomas, SheenuVyas, H. Kumar; Balaram, S.
2002Modern movement : a break with the past - transformation of house as a result of experimentation.Pujara, JaladhiVyas, H. Kumar
2002Modern office : reinterpretations, patterns and generative directions.Bhansali, ApekshaVyas, H. Kumar
2000Ornamentation to abstraction : focus on evolution of ornamentation.Modi, AmishaVyas, H. Kumar
2000Spirit of living and the broader purpose behind designing : the idea of comfort : the idea of the changeless beneath the continuously changing.Sheth, Meghna AtulVyas, H. Kumar
2003Symbolism : its communicative aspects in interiors.Dighe, KomalVyas, H. Kumar
1999Understanding the quality of timelessness in built space with different cultural interpretations.Potnis, MandarVyas, H. Kumar