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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2010Acceptance and affordability of green homes in real estate market, Ahmedabad.Bhatt, ShivaniBandopadhyay, Saswat
2015Adaptive measures for Surat city post 2006 floods.Shah, SiddharthBandopadhyay, Saswat
2015Assessment of Indicators for potential smart cities : a case of Gujarat.Shah, NivaBandopadhyay, Saswat
2006CDM in transportation - a case study of BRTS Ahmedabad.Mallik, RahulBandopadhyay, Saswat
2016Citizen engagement in urban development plans : a case study of Indore smart city plan.Chaturvedi, AditiBandopadhyay, Saswat
2015Clean up Ganga - review of past efforts and lessons for future.Mithal, PoorviBandopadhyay, Saswat
2016Climate resilient infrastructure : a case study of Surat municipal solid waste management.Mehta, VishwaBandopadhyay, Saswat
2015Critial review of internal financing options for urban infrastructure in mid-sized cities : case of kalyan - Dombivli municipal corporation.Samuel, ReeniBandopadhyay, Saswat
2010Decentralised wastewater management system : an option for periurban areas of Coimbatore city.Anitha J.Bandopadhyay, Saswat
2011Decentralized water management system for hill cities : a case study of Shimla city, Himachal Pradesh.Sandal, GeetaBandopadhyay, Saswat
2009Emerging approaches for infrastructure development in industrial areas.Deshpande, Shrinivas P.Bandopadhyay, Saswat
2010Environment and social management framework for Adyar Estuary.Prem, AishwaryaBandopadhyay, Saswat
2010Environmental performance framework for airports in India : a case of RGIA, Hyderabad and CIA, Chennai.Mythili, P. L.Bandopadhyay, Saswat
2002Environmental valuation as a decision making tool : case study : Aravalli Afforestation Program and Indira Gandhi Nahar Project.Jain, SanikaBandopadhyay, Saswat
2016Explore sustainable tourism opportunities and challenges in context of Goa.Timblo, Ram Alias Tanay SandeshBandopadhyay, Saswat
2016Exploring rain water harvesting in urban Hyderabad.Bansal, AjiteshBandopadhyay, Saswat
2007Feasibility study of 24*7 water supply in Indian cities : a case of Ahmedabad city.Karen, R. D.Bandopadhyay, Saswat
2009Formulation of appropriate strategy for efficient solid waste management system for Agartala city.Choudhuri, AshokBandopadhyay, Saswat
2007Impact of urbanization on river environment : a casestudy of Nag river in Nagpur.Pazare, SmitaBandopadhyay, Saswat
2007Issues and opportunites of cluster based solid waste management systems in Gujarat.Trichal, SandeepBandopadhyay, Saswat