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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1999Conservation and management of protected areas : case study Tadoba, Andhari Tiger Reserve.Surange, AartiBhagwat, Aniket; Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2016Cultural landscapes : an inquiry into swaraj round, Thrissur.Mohan, SreedeviBhagwat, Aniket
2001Design conception and reality : exploring the gap within.Modi, Smita V.Bhagwat, Aniket
2002Environmental sustainability of irrigation projects : case study : Indira Gandhi Nahar Pariyojna, Thar Desert, Rajasthan.Puri, AnuradhaBhagwat, Aniket
2002Impact of pollution on river systems : case study Ulhas river.Sathe, ReshmaBhagwat, Aniket; Maheshwari, Deepa
1999Impact of railroad system on the environment : case study : Konkan-Railway.Bhave, BhagyashriBhagwat, Aniket; Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2003Impact of urbanisation on hydrological cycle, case study : Bhopal.Malhotra, AnujBhagwat, Aniket
2000Landscape management of pilgrimage place : case study Bodhgaya, Bihar.Agrawal, ShwetaBhagwat, Aniket; Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
1999Management of coastal lagoons : case study : Chilika Lagoon, Orissa.Mohanty, SangramBhagwat, Aniket; Bhagwat, Prabhakar B.
2000Non-formal methods in design process : shift in the paradigam.Patel, Niti M.Bhagwat, Aniket
2003Plant material and urban area : a study.Kharche, Harshali S.Bhagwat, Aniket
2003Relevance of natural elements in fortification, case study : Naldurg fort.Labba, VikasBhagwat, Aniket
2005Review of landscape in Indian visual arts.Venkataraman, DeepaBhagwat, Aniket
2003Sacred landscape, case study : Ujjain.Shah, Nirav K.Bhagwat, Aniket