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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1970Ancient Indian towns and their planning in canons and practice.Multani, Girish L.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1979Decorations of traditional houses in Gujarat : a study.Parekh, Ajit K.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1979Design aspects in architecture responding to natural water bodies : sea, river, lake.Mulji, Dipak C.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1972Effects of physical environment on social relations.Surti, Sudhir N.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1979Idea of an Indian town.Desai, Yogeendra H.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1981Ideals and education in architecture.Kumar, VinodBhatt, Panubhai N.
1970Medieval town planning of India.Harmani, Pravin B.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1980Planning for tourism ,'UKAI'.Joshi, Ravindra S.Bhatt, Panubhai N.; Vishwanath, B. N.
1983Ranjit Vilas Palace, Wankaner : British period, 1907-1928 in Saurashtra : analytical study of its architectural styles.Kamdar, AlapBhatt, Panubhai N.
1979Religious building as nucleus of city : study of the impact of a dominant building on the city.Patel, Dilip D.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1978Settlement patterns in the Urban region of Rajkot.Valambhia, BharatenduBhatt, Panubhai N.
1968Street pattern of Ahmedabad .Mody, Vinod N.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1973Structural and constructional aspects of water reservoirs and their relationship with religious buildings in Gujarat.Patel, Prabhubhai K.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1969Study of allocation of areas in ancient towns of Gujarat.Desai, Kirit C.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1979Study of medieval towns : Gujarat region : their form, physical structure and growth.Joshi, Kirit J.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1968Study of old houses : Ahmedabad.Contractor, Habib N.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1970Study of standardized elements and their specific uses in developing the characteristics of the houses within the fort-wall of Ahmedabad.Shah, Jagdish K.Bhatt, Panubhai N.; Doshi, B. V.
1970System of proportion in the Hindu temples of Gujarat .Chokshi, Jitendra R.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1969System of proportion in the hindu temples of Gujarat region .Sevak, Jyotish G.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1973System of proportions in Jain temples in Gujarat region .Nagar, Kshama T.Bhatt, Panubhai N.