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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2019Analysing urban character of Ashram road and it's linkage with post independence architectural trend in India.Gupta, GiteshDesai, Jigna
2014Appropriation : interpretation of claiming territories in semi open public spaces through their usage pattern.Patel, Siddhant S.Desai, Jigna
2020Architectural conservation of a Pol houses and its settingVenkatesan, NandhiniDesai, Jigna
2018Architecture development guidelines for Serampore college campus.Alshi, SarveshDesai, Jigna
2015Banganga tank - conservation of its cultural significance.Bhoir, Namrata ManoharDesai, Jigna
2013Change in the process of construction of a vernacular settlement : a case of Banni.Gor, Avni BakulDesai, Jigna
2014Changing modes of preserving sacred groves - cases of Ajeevali and Takpowale groves, Pune district, Maharastra.Potdar, ShwetaDesai, Jigna
2015Chapels in Panaji, Goa, and guidelines for conservation.Silveira, Carissa EricaDesai, Jigna; Nachinolkar, Ketak
2016Conservation -based development model for historic cities : concept of nation main streets program,U S A on Indian context with case ofAhmedabad old city.Zinzuvadia, UrmiDesai, Jigna
2012Conservation of river edge : ghats of Wai Maharashtra.Gadkari, MayuraDesai, Jigna; Vasavada, Ravindra J.
2015Conserving an ethnic identity through built from of Agraharam fort area ,Trivandrum.Ravindran, NidhiDesai, Jigna; Pandala, Eugine
2016Conserving the cultural heritage of delwara : following the people -centred approach.Bisht, ShailjaDesai, Jigna
2012Continuity of indigenous knowledge and traditions - village sheel, Himachal Pradesh.Sharma, SaumyaDesai, Jigna; Vasavada, Ravindra J.
2018Creating interface between planning processes and conservation processes using urban design as a tool.Kulkarni, BhagyashriDesai, Jigna
2012Cultural landscapes of Varkari cult : case of Alandi.Haridasan, HareeshVasavada, Ravindra J.; Desai, Jigna
2017Deconstructing HRIDAY yojana : an inclusive agenda, case of Banaras.Narayanan, PrasanthDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul
2012Demonstration of an approach to develop urban voids, towards urban regeneration, case : Ahmedabad old core.Karode, Neha SanjeevDesai, Jigna
2015Design strategies for Inclusive street vending : case of Jamalpur market, Ahmedabad.Deshpande, PoorvaDesai, Jigna
2015Design strategies for inclusive street vending- Teen Darwaza market, Ahmedabad.Desai, Ami ChetanbhaiDesai, Jigna
2017Enquiry : HRIDAY scheme through the lens of a sense of place.Fatma, SanaDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul