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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1998Architecture of Achyut Kanvinde : a study of houses in Ahmedabad.Panchal, KunjalDesai, Madhavi
1997Architecture of Laurie Baker : regional identity in contemporary work.Nagia, RohitDesai, Madhavi
2002Architecture of Raj Rewal : a critical inquiry into the reinterpretation of Indian tradition into contemporary expression.Patel, MehulDesai, Madhavi
1997Attitudes and expressions in contemporary mosque architecture of Gujarat.Narmawala, Shakil A.Desai, Madhavi
1990Behavioral response to architectural spaces : a study of institutional transition spaces : case studies : Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and Bangalore.Khubchandani, MaliniDesai, Madhavi
1994Bohra settlement and houseform at Kapadvanj manifestation of a culture in builtform.Goklani, BinduDesai, Madhavi
2002Colonial bungalows of Bangalore : a study of characterization through ornamentation.Mittal, NidhiDesai, Madhavi
2005Continuity and change in a traditional house form : case study : Chettinadu Mansions, Tamil NaduPrince, CatherineDesai, Madhavi
2003Critical look into revivalist trend in architecture : with reference to AhmedabadPatel, SameerDesai, Madhavi
1996Designing for the disabled : an enquiry in to the interior spaces for learning for children with cerebral palsy.Bajaj, NitashaDesai, Madhavi; Vyas, H. Kumar
1998Evolution and expression of 'Form' and 'Design' : inquiry into the institutions by Louis-I-Kahn.Patwa, ChandniDesai, Madhavi
2004Exploring British colonial square : Dalhousie, Calcutta : understanding architectural manifestation of power by eclecticism.Shah, Saurin C.Desai, Madhavi
1998Indo Saracenic style : an exception in Bombay study of the general Post-office, 1910.Mehta, NehaDesai, Madhavi
1996Integration of landscape in the architecture of Joseph-Allen-Stein.Chatterji, SouravDesai, Madhavi
2001Learning from tradition significance of stone in contemporary Indian architecture.Chhatwani, NareshDesai, Madhavi
1998Manifestation of a culture in built-form : a study of Bhil settlement and house form at Panchmahal.Shah, UrviDesai, Madhavi
2000Metamorphosis of the house form in the walled city of Ahmedabad.Desai, KrishnaDesai, Madhavi
1992Nature of an academic institution : its manifestation in architecture : a study of three management institutions.Purandare, VishakhaDesai, Madhavi
2003Process and architecture : studying the influence of vernacular on the contemporary architecture.Chavda, HitenDesai, Madhavi
1998Purani haveli palace complex, Hyderabad : an architectural appraisal.Charyulu, O. JyothiDesai, Madhavi