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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Comparative study of analysis and design of prestressed horizontal curved solid and voided slab.Chauhan, VishalParikh, Apurva N.
2010Comparative study of analysis and design of prestressed horizontally curved box girder type bridge superstructure.Pandit, RiddhiParikh, Apurva N.
2016Comparative study of consumption of material for different type of superstructure in flyover bridges.Mehta, SaumilParikh, Apurva N.; Shah, Nisarg N.
2011Comparative study of internal prestressing and external prestressing technique for box type super structure for highway bridges.Patel, Dixit P.Parikh, Apurva N.
2013Comparative study of prestressed concrete girder and steel concrete composite girder.Dhamanwala, Denish SParikh, Apurva N.
2006Critical study of super structures for flyover.Patel, HarshadParikh, Apurva N.
2008Design and cost analysis of segmental bridge for different spans constructed with span-by-span method.Patel, JitendraParikh, Apurva N.; Shah, Dhara
2008Effects of skew angles on RCC slab bridge analysis by finite element method and its comparison with conventional method.Patel, Kaushik V.Parikh, Apurva N.
2008Parametric study between cast-in-place continuous and simply supported prestressed concrete box girder bridges.Gandhi, Nikita A.Parikh, Apurva N.
2013Studies of cable stayed bridge static bahaviour.Soni, Ravi S.Parikh, Apurva N.
2011Study on seismic performance of buildings having post-tensioned flat-slab column system.Shah, JapanParikh, Apurva N.