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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2020Bridge information modelling and AR using terrestrial laser scanner for inspectionPatel, NehaParikh, Komal; Patel, Bhagyesh
2015Development of compressed block from industrial & agriculture waste .Prajapati, ArpitParikh, Komal
2016Development of compressed blocks using waste materials and bentonite.Prajapati, HarshilParikh, Komal
2015Development of prototype bricksUsing expansive soil as a filler and bagasse ash as a binder.Intwala, Pinak RajeshParikh, Komal
2011Development of stabilized compressed Earth blocks using sodium silicate grout - eco friendly.Shah, UdeetParikh, Komal
2016Effectiveness of natural geosynthetics coir and plastic waste on bagasse ash stabilized soft subgrade.Barot, HemangParikh, Komal
Sep-2021GIS and GPS based soil mapping oF Ahmedabad cityGajjar, AkashkumarParikh, Komal
Sep-2021GPS and GIS based soil mapping of AhmedabadPrajapati, BirenParikh, Komal
Sep-2021GPS and GIS based soil mapping of Ahmedabad cityMakwana, JigneshParikh, Komal
Sep-2021GPS and GIS based soil mapping of Ahmedabad cityModh, ShubhamParikh, Komal
Sep-2021Integration of photogrammetry and GIS tools for accurate mapping and surveyingChandera, JigneshParikh, Komal
2018Mapping and exploring possible rehabilitation methodologies for colonial structures in Ahmedabad.Parmar, VivekParikh, Komal
2019Rain water harvesting as an action to manage water logging in urban areas.Oghani, SamarthParikh, Komal
2015Stabilization of expansive soil using groundnut shell ash.Rajput, Rushika SandipkumarParikh, Komal
2015Study on performance of geosynthetic reinforced expansive soil.Vaghela, Parth B.Parikh, Komal
2014To study modern method of survey for infrastructure project case studies : road and town planning.Prajapati, Anilkumar RajkishorParikh, Komal