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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2011Artificial light : a study of mood and atmosphere in bars and restaurants.Muzumdar, HinalPatel, Canna
2021Decoding the basics of textile in hospitality spaces : interpreting the theoretical and conceptual aspects of textile designShah, DhwaniPatel, Canna
1999Dissolved and undissolved shadows : a study of lighting in retail outlets for apparels.Chaturvedi, PoojaPatel, Canna
2004Interior environment of self service restaurants : evaluation of design and use utilization.Soneji, BoskyPatel, Canna
2014Key concepts for building and life safety in commercial spaces : an exposition through the existing building codes.Shah, KinjalPatel, Canna
1997Language of color : an analysis and study of color in restaurant spaces.Parikh, ShefaliPatel, Canna
2016Manufactured memory : an inquiry into the attitudes towards re-using industrial buildings.Patel, AdvaitPatel, Canna
2000Play of color : inter-relationships of elements through color in interior spaces.Chudasama, Tejal D.Patel, Canna
2017Retro-fixation : an enquiry in to the strategy of reuse for hospitality.Shah, SanjanaPatel, Canna; Patel, Rajiv
2015Space and activity analysis on verandas in residences of Ahmedabad built between 1930s and 1980s : a study of bunglows in the paldi area of Ahmedabad.Dave, AashnaPatel, Canna
2014Space through the lens of a narrative : reading and interpreting interior spaces.Trivedi, AnkitaPatel, Canna
2016Space, art, practice : an inquiry into commissioned art in corporate interiors.Pandya, RiddhiPatel, Canna
2014Study of color as an element of design : a research pursued by analyzing interior works of two contemporary interior designers.Parekh, IeshaPatel, Canna
2016Study of textiles as a design tool for interior spaces.Shah, DarshiniPatel, Canna
2003Visual merchandising and display : creating spaces that attract to sell.Santani, SwatiPatel, Canna