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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2014Aspects of large industrialization within hinterland : a case study of PCPIR Dahej, district Bharuch, Gujarat.Sharma, Gaurav DuttRoy, Anil Kumar
2018Assessing the blue and green infrastructure for an environmentally sustainable city : the case of Udaipur.Shekhar, RaviRoy, Anil Kumar
2016Assessing the impacts of climate change on agriculture through farmers adaptations and perceptions.Mall, Shaurya SinghRoy, Anil Kumar
2019Assessing vulnerability, adaptive capacity and coping mechanism of community during urban floods : a case of Kerala urban floods 2018.Singh, SnehaRoy, Anil Kumar
2017Assessment of the perceptions and behaviors of public towards bicycling in Gandhinagar city.Dumpala, SowmyaRoy, Anil Kumar
2016Comparative study of waterfront sustainability: cases of Mumbai's formal waterfronts.Shah, Shimul SaumilbhaiRoy, Anil Kumar
3-Sep-2021Development of the port of Calcutta and its hinterland from 1870 to 1991: a historical accountGhosh, AninditaRoy, Anil Kumar
2020Effect of urban green spaces on property values in AhmedabadShinde, Apoorva JagdishRoy, Anil Kumar
2014Environmental sustainable industries the case study of Patancheru industrial area, Hyderabad, Telangana.Derangula, RavinderRoy, Anil Kumar
2018Exploring the prospect of resilient city : a case of Naya Raipur.Singh, SakchhiRoy, Anil Kumar
2011Farmers distress and suicides in Vidharbha region .Pathak, Yogesh J.Roy, Anil Kumar
2017Identifying factors of urban growth in class-I city : a case of Mehsana, Gujarat.Mewada, AditiRoy, Anil Kumar
2014Impact of expressway on industrialisation and urbanisation : a case of Yamuna expressway industrial development authority .Hiteshi, Kaushalendra SinghRoy, Anil Kumar
2021Impacts of metro stations in their immediate urban neighbourhood : a case of Bangalore metro stationsArunkumar, K.R.Roy, Anil Kumar
2021Inclusion and social justice in design and implementation of Indore smart city projectsAgrawal, ShivaniRoy, Anil Kumar
2017Industrial agglomeration in a globalised economy : the case of Ahmedabad metropolitan area, India.Shah, Charmy BhaveshRoy, Anil Kumar
2011Industrialisation and development : a regional variation in Gujarat.Shah, KaranRoy, Anil Kumar
2014Industrialisation and urbanisation : a case of Kachchh district.Patel, Anamikaben VishnubhaiRoy, Anil Kumar
2014Mango horticulture : a livelihood opportunity for farmers .Rawat, Ashwani KumarRoy, Anil Kumar
2015Occupational diversification in urban fringe area : the case of Ahmedabad .Suthar, NishthaRoy, Anil Kumar