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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2019Concept as an approach to design: a study of thematic retail environment.Tikku, GauraShah, Amal
2017Cultural influence and personalization of interior spaces : a study of migrant families from Kerala settled in AhmedabadPatel, AnujaShah, Amal
-Cybernetics - workplace and technology.Poddar, AashnaShah, Amal
2018Defining details : study of element - space relationship in a designed environment .Chhabra, ChandniShah, Amal
2019Dining spaces : relation and correlation.Walimbe, MeghanaShah, Amal
2019Expression of details, as a key phenomena in the construction of space.Dhingra, AnshumiShah, Amal
2016Illuminating a residence : a study of lighting design for residences at Ahmedabad.Patel, SaloniShah, Amal
2017Inquiry into breakout spaces in offices of IndiaPanchal, HarshShah, Amal
2021Inquiry of material application in offices : a quest for well-beingSwami, DhruviShah, Amal
2021Locate, orchestrate, assemble : a response to interior tectonicsDhagia, PanktiShah, Amal
2021Machine+ Interiors manifestation of aesthetics, language and expressionTaunk, NatashaShah, Amal
2020Panelised construction in interior design : a study of assembly based processesPatel, RajviShah, Amal
2020Planning, performance and productivity - an inquiry of spatial performance in office spacesPatel, CharviShah, Amal
2021Recreational spaces : order, aesthetics, and values an inquiry into integrated socio-cultural values in design of recreational spacesPatel, ManaliShah, Amal
2017Redefining the efficiency parameters of an Indian kitchen : a study of kitchen network system in mass-housingDoshi, DevanshiShah, Amal
2020Technology and tectonics : a study into the impact of production processes in interior designMehta, ShikhaShah, Amal