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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2018Analysis and design of stadium pavilion.Diwan, Salik A.Shah, Vinod R.
2005Application of artificial neural network to analysis of three-girder reinforced concrete bridge.Shukla, HetalKapadia, Vivek; Shah, Vinod R.
-Assessing the load limits for construction labours to carry on their head and its effect on cervical spine.Patel, GautamiDave, Bharat; Shah, Vinod R.
1994Comparative study of reinforcing steel made out of fresh steel and scrap steel.Gohel, JagdishShah, Vinod R.
2000Design of formwork for prestressed concrete dome structure.Gupta, AtulPhadke, A. B.; Shah, Vinod R.
2011Experimental study of probable use of rice husk ash for rammed earth constructions.Ghosh, Priyanka BhagatShah, Vinod R.; Vora, Mihir
2011Experimental study on rammed earth using waste material like flyash as an additive.Jani, Punit J.Shah, Vinod R.; Vora, Mihir
2019Implication of major changes in clauses of IS 1893 : 2016 and IS 3920 : 2016 - study of buildings designed by VSCEPL .Patel, Maitri N.Shah, Vinod R.
2010Structure and architecture : undersatnding their interplay through works of Mahendra Raj.Patel, Krunal D.Shah, Vinod R.
1993Study of manufacturing process of clay-brick in surrounding area of Ahmedabad.Patel, SameerShah, Vinod R.
1993Study of statistical variations of properties of clay bricks manufactured in the surrounding area of Ahmedabad.Shah, Jignesh D.Shah, Vinod R.
2007Study of system of construction of traditional Ahmedabad houses : query in earthquake resistance .Modan, Akbarnazim Y.Shah, Vinod R.
2009Study on energy efficient and cost effective structural system for low-rise buildings.Shah, JapanShah, Vinod R.