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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2010Alternative materials and technologies for housing the EWS.Bagchi, AakashSheth, Anal
2018Application of clean development mechanism for electric bus.Solanki, Chintan K.Sheth, Anal
2010Benefits of private intervention in low cost housing scheme.Rajyaguru, Deepjeet R.Sheth, Anal
2020Charging station location for electric vehicles in Ahmedabad cityJesalpura, Yogi BhupendraSheth, Anal
2015Client oriented services for public transport.Prajapati, NisargSheth, Anal
2014Comparison of different financial models for metro rail projects in Delhi.Bhagchandani, PrashantSheth, Anal
2018Demand responsive public transport accessibility measurement in Ahmedabad.Patel, KinaraSheth, Anal
2014Design parameters for effective implementation of storm surge barrier.Mandaliya, Abhishek KSheth, Anal
2011Development of concrete bridges.Deshmukh, KaranSheth, Anal
2017Development of feeder service network for BRTS and MEGA and Ahmedabad.Shah, Darshil J.Sheth, Anal
2012Effect of glass on energy consumption in commercial buildings.Bardia, JuhiSheth, Anal
2020Effect of recycled asphalt additive on Marshall properties of hot mix asphaltJain, MayankSheth, Anal
-Embodied energy of alternative building units in residential building.Goyal, AakanshaSheth, Anal
2010Environmental and economical impacts of coal based thermal power projects.Sompura, Rahul N.Sheth, Anal
2018Environmental Impact Assessment for electric buses for public transport in the case of Ahmedabad.Sharma, RajeevBose, Tushar; Sheth, Anal
2018Environmental risk assessment of foundry sand for pavements.Sharma, KeshavSheth, Anal
2017Impact assessment of alternate fuel for bus transit - case of Ahmedabad.Kumar, Ashwin B.Sheth, Anal
2018Life cycle cost analysis for alternative fuels for public transport in Ahmedabad.Dholakiya, Dhruvi H.Sheth, Anal
2018Life cycle cost analysis of prestressed precast concrete pavement : a case study of MBSIR.Kansagra, ShrujalSheth, Anal
2018Life cycle cost analysis of rigid v/s flexible pavement : a case study of MBSIR.Shah, DishaSheth, Anal