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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2018Affordable housing as flood resilient for low income households : a case of Ahmedabad.Rajput, PrateekSwamy, Shivanand H. M.; Mahadevia, Darshini
2018Affordable housing as flood resilient for low income households : a case of Surat.Raj, VipulSwamy, Shivanand H. M.; Mahadevia, Darshini
2017Analysis of metro rail project selection Bias with principal agent model.Rathod, VinodSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2016Congestion pricing : a case of Delhi.Rawat, MinotiSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2017Continuity and change in urban transport policy and planning : role of politics, institutions and actors.Goswami, HemangaSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2013Economic Development Planning for Cities in India.Christian, PerezSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2019Funding public transport in urban areas : Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad.IshitaSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2017Hierarchy and continuum in public transportation systems.Shukla, VrundaSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2012Impacts of Intrusion of trucks in urban areas.Maniar, AnviSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2017Information technology industry and urban spatial structure : a case study of Bengaluru city.Merwade, Shruti R.Swamy, Shivanand H. M.
2019Mumbai - Multimodal integrated transport plans, proposals and project.Nabar, Anagha A.Parthasarathy, R.; Swamy, Shivanand H. M.
2014Parking strategies : evolution and strategies for future a study on use of different technologiesLokre, AbhijitSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2017Public transportation partronage differentials across spatial units : case of Ahmedabad.Shah, JatinSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2017Service quality in public transport understanding user and non-user perspectives : a case of Ahmedabad.Sinha, ShaliniSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2017Success of urban transport project : analysis of BRTS and city bus projects funded under JnNURM : a case of janmarg : Ahmedabad BRTS.Yadav, UrvashiSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2017Success of urban transport projects : an analysis of BRTS projects funded under JNNURM.Shukla, PalashSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2016Travel time dynamics.Krishnan, SuprajaSwamy, Shivanand H. M.
2013Understanding Jaipur transit plan through actor network theory.Sharma, PrachiSwamy, Shivanand H. M.