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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2018Assessing energy savings and payback period for ECBC 2017 .Parikh, MansiVaidya, Prasad
2016Comparative analysis of daylight redirection devices for a high-rise office building in Mumbai.Torvi, NitikaShah, Agam; Vaidya, Prasad
2019Comparative testing of BQEET that quantifies the reduction in cooling energy due to passive strategies for 59 Indian cities.Pathella, SanchiVaidya, Prasad
2017Determination of energy consumption during the construction phase of buildings.Zaid, Shaikh M.Shah, Paresh; Vaidya, Prasad
2018Effective wind-induced natural ventilation in a residential apartment typology.Medshinge, TanviVaidya, Prasad
2016Evaluation of daylight performance of classroom spaces in Ahmedabad.Piparsania, KratikaVaidya, Prasad
2018Evaluation of daylight performance of the new workshop building at CEPT university .Sunger, VasudhaVaidya, Prasad
2017Identifying and analyzing the passive design strategies under different climate conditions for India.Nagpal, SakshiVaidya, Prasad
2018Lighting retrofit of CEPT University : enhancing visual comfort and reducing energy consumption.Chaudhary, Abdul MoeedVaidya, Prasad
2017Passive design indices : quantifying the climatic potential for passive design strategies.Bhadra, JaydeepSarraf, Saket; Vaidya, Prasad
2018Quantifying the cooling energy reduction due to three passive strategies for Indian cities.Desai, ArjunVaidya, Prasad
2017Simulating natural ventilation in residential building using water table apparatus.Royan, Monisha EdwinaVaidya, Prasad