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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017From space to canvas : a study of shifts in Kerala murals.Nandakumar, S.SNagarsheth, Snehal
2012Furniture spaces : a user centric enquiry into understanding the roles of furniture and their expressions in one's spatial construct of 'a home' today.Srinivasan, PremkumarNagarsheth, Snehal
2009High-tech regionalism : reconciling the industrial with the cultural in the making of an artefact.Mallier, Anthony B.Nagarsheth, Snehal
2017Home : a woman's perspectiveMehta, HeerNagarsheth, Snehal
2017Home : a woman's perspective.Mehta, HeerNagarsheth, Snehal
2013Home : objects, meaning and assembled environment.Puri, SnehaNagarsheth, Snehal
2017Home : Where do memories reside?.Singhal, NitiNagarsheth, Snehal
2014Influence of trading in shaping a house form : in focus Sunni Bohra community of Rander, once opulent river port during the late colonial period.Agrawal, DeepaNagarsheth, Snehal
2021Influencing the influenced : understanding customer's buying behaviour to design retail store layoutsAgarwal, SanjayNagarsheth, Snehal
2017Inquiry through popular culture, kitchen : a caseSrivastava, DeepikaNagarsheth, Snehal
2017Inquiry through popular culture, kitchen : a caseSrivastava, DeepikaNagarsheth, Snehal
2012Insight into the Indian mordern : a study of the historiography of modern Indian architecture .Vashisht, AditiNagarsheth, Snehal
2004Interface : the in-between realm : its significance in built spaces : focus into interactive relationship between inside-outside and spaces within.Pathak, KunalNagarsheth, Snehal
2003Interpretation of traditional Indian architecture in the contemporary scene : a study of the works of Charles CorreaAmarseda, HetalNagarsheth, Snehal
2008Learning environment for children - 'phsical components' as a 'tool' for learning.Shah, Mansi G.Nagarsheth, Snehal
2004Light : transforming space.Purathur, TabithaNagarsheth, Snehal
2017Living in the modern : a study of the government houses of Chandigarh.Pisharody, UmaNagarsheth, Snehal
2001Loss of aesthetics : an inquiry into the sullying of baker phenomenon through institutionalisation.Pathan, Ayaz F.Nagarsheth, Snehal
2009Memorials : extrapolating meanings within the perspective of Kutch, Gujarat.Agarwal, ReenalNagarsheth, Snehal
2003Minimalism : a way of life.Demello, NaliniNagarsheth, Snehal