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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2005Tight spaces.Zamindar, HussainNagarsheth, Snehal
2008Tourism as a trigger for transformation : revitalizing the heritage precinct in Doha, Qatar.Menon, Anjana RavindranathNagarsheth, Snehal
-Tracing the history of godowns in fort Kochi and Mattanchery, Kerala.Saseedharan, SudhirNagarsheth, Snehal
2016Tracing the history of indo-modernist furniture in India ; understanding transcultural modernism in the works of Pierre Jeanneret.Jhanwar, SrijanNagarsheth, Snehal
-Transformation of spaces under the influence of art installations.Aritakula, Rishi TejNagarsheth, Snehal
2002Understanding a place : as an architectural manifestation study of RevdandaPatel, PragneshNagarsheth, Snehal
2017Understanding and mapping of joint family residences in an urban contextAgarwal, AnushkaNagarsheth, Snehal
2005Understanding of translucency in interior spaces.Parikh, KhyatiNagarsheth, Snehal
2016Understanding the idea of modern - Indian houses in Ahmedabad through works of Hasmukh patel.Prajapati, NrupaNagarsheth, Snehal
2016Understanding the quotient of placemaking : potentials in designed public places.Bassan, JeevikaNagarsheth, Snehal
2002Vernacular and its interpretations as an attitude in contemporary Indian interiors.Mody, RuturajNagarsheth, Snehal
2000Visual identity of brands : decoding signs, symbols and images of consumption.Nilaver, ArchanaNagarsheth, Snehal
2005Wood : material construction expression with reference to two houses of Vaso.Shah, RooshabhNagarsheth, Snehal