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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2012Determining trade off between thermal comfort and cooling consumption in office buildings : a study for Indian climatic zones.Ghawghawe, KrutikaManu, Sanyogita
2018Developing an affordable sensing and monitoring system for post occupancy building performance evaluaton .Jain, ArihantApte, Michael; Manu, Sanyogita
2019Energy use and thermal comfort in affordable housing in Ahmedabad, India : a case study.Karma, GarimaManu, Sanyogita
2018Evaluating the building performance evaluation methodology for an institutional building in India.Dixit, MaazGupta, Rajat; Manu, Sanyogita
2019Evaluating the UK-Building performance evaluation methodology for residential buildings in India.Verma, SahilManu, Sanyogita
2014Evaluation of mould growth risk in wall assemblies with different hygrothermal properties in warm and humid climate - a simulation based study.Mahera, ShailyManu, Sanyogita
2006Exploring the realm of energy and comfort in interiors : 'experiments' to understand thermal effects of furniture on interior environments.Manu, SanyogitaRawal, Rajan
2013Impact of native trees on visual comfort within office interior spaces of Ahmedabad .Bhalla, AnkitManu, Sanyogita
2009Optimizing windows for thermal and daylighting performance : a case of commercial buildings in Ahmedabad, India.Manu, SanyogitaRawal, Rajan
2018Retrofitting an existing school building : a case study of Aga Khan Academy, Hyderabad.Srivastav, VertikaManu, Sanyogita; Puchalapalli, Swati