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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1971House form.Shah, Yogesh Y.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1972Architectural controls.Mangar, Ajit P.Doshi, B. V.
1972Growth exploitation : effects of density pattern and traffic on Bhagal Delhigate road, at Surat.Shah, Kiran R.Pandya, Deepak G.
1972Environmental management investigation into the impact of traffic on a residential area.Thakkar, Sanat K.Deshpande, S. P.
1972Effects of physical environment on social relations.Surti, Sudhir N.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1972Mass production of standard units in dwellings.Shah, Mahendra N.Vyas, Hemant Kumar
1972Flooring materials for textile industry : a critical examination.Desai, Hemant R.Parikh, Sukumar M.
1972Design norms for zoological gardens.Sheth, Sharad N.David, R.; Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1972Marginal propensity for investment in dwelling .Mistry, Girish L.Benninger, Christopher C.
1972Growth and architectural form.Khadpekar, Vivek S.Doshi, B. V.; Parikh, V. R.
1972Evolution and principles of furniture design in India.Shah, Kalpana S.Doshi, B. V.
1972Climate and house form .Naik, Hemant Y.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, C. B.
1972Materials and house form .Patel, N. B.Jain, Kulbhushan B.; Shah, C. B.
1973Street Sleepers : a study of the pavement dwellers with reference to the city of Ahmedabad 1972 .Gajjar, Kanti P.Benninger, Christopher C.
1973Outdoor community recreation.Thakore, Virat V.Jain, Minakshi K.
1973Code of ethics in architecture .Patel, Aruna R.Parikh, Sukumar M.
1973Influence of urban forces on village structure.Ajmeri, Abdul K.Pandya, Deepak G.
1973Structural and constructional aspects of water reservoirs and their relationship with religious buildings in Gujarat.Patel, Prabhubhai K.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1973System of proportions in Jain temples in Gujarat region .Nagar, Kshama T.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
1973Factors influencing outdoor and indoor climate.Patel, Jayendra R.Shah, C. B.