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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2018Life cycle cost analysis for alternative fuels for public transport in Ahmedabad.Dholakiya, Dhruvi H.Sheth, Anal
2019Life cycle cost analysis of cast in situ and precast concrete technologyModh, Dhruv M.Tewar, Bhargav | Sheth, Anal
2018Life cycle cost analysis of prestressed precast concrete pavement : a case study of MBSIR.Kansagra, ShrujalSheth, Anal
2018Life cycle cost analysis of rigid v/s flexible pavement : a case study of MBSIR.Shah, DishaSheth, Anal
2020Life cycle cost of industrial flooringTank, RajanJoshi, Raju; Sheth, Anal
1998Life cycle costing of pavements.Makhwana, JugalKadiyali, L. R.
2015Life of krishna and relevance to the modern management.Vaishnav, DharmikVidwans, Vinod
2016Life style and spatial study of Jain dwelling of suthari, abdasa Kutch.Parmar, NidhiShah, Gautam
2004Light : transforming space.Purathur, TabithaNagarsheth, Snehal
2013Light and form.Deshmukh, Amol D.Jain, Minakshi K.; Shah, Snehal
1998Light and space : focus on merchandising.Modi, HemenPanchal, Dhimant
2019Light and the marking of ineffable sacred space : case south indian temple.Roy, ArkadeepKadam, Rajiv
2002Light as a design principle : a study of Ando's residences and churchesDhulia, CharviVora, Kartik
2010Light in religious buildings : an enquiry into the sense of divinity.Jathar, VedashreeShah, Snehal
2019Light rail transit : comparative study of the impacts on commercial property rents in Ahmedabad and Hyderabad.Kaur, IshtpreetShah, Anish
2013Light, shadow, darkness and the sense of interiority in architecture.Surana, DharaChhaya, Neelkanth
-Lighting : an experiential design tool in performing spaces : a detailed study of contribution of lighting in determining spaces and creating experiences inspired from theatrics.Amrellia, RajviTalsania, Isha
2005Lighting for work- spaces - illumination and beyond.Mehta, NiraliShah, Niraj
2019Lighting in the heritage buildings of Ahmedabad.Patel, RichaShah, Amala
2020Lighting museum in heritage building : a study of qualitative approachThakore, Shloka B.Jhaveri, Nirmit