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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2003Role of supply chain management in construction industry.Batra, TusharPanda, Rasananda
2019Role of surface rendering in space-making : a case of Shekhawati Havelis.Joshi, ShripradaPandya, Yatin
2011Role of sustainable habitat mission in urban development : case study of Nagpur.Ganorkar, HarshalRay, Chandranath N.
2012Role of technique in generating expression : comparative study of bamboo houses in Dang and Tripura.Babel, AnushaSankalpa
-Role of techniques in a spatial expression : focus on textile craft.Lilladhar, VaidehiShah, Amala
1998Role of the project manager in contracting construction organisation.Shah, TaralAkalkotkar, Prakash V.
1989Role of the unbuilt spaces in clustered organizations : a study of Indian palace complexes.Goghari, RathinRajan, P. S.
2009Role of third party logistics in Indian economy, case of perishable food management.Deshmukh, SwapnaVyas, Anjana
1997Role of tourism for development : a case study of Jodhpur.Awasthi, Murari LalRay, Chandranath N.
2003Role of tourism in development : a case of Agra.Nigam, SmitaSharma, Utpal
2020Role of traditional knowledge systems of building crafts - in Mughal period architecture of North IndiaDeshmukh, GayatriBais, Sangeeta
2018Role of transit apps in fostering urban multi-modal travel behaviour : a research on mobile applications that redefine mobility in Chennai.Archanaa, M.Ogra, Vivek
2017Role of transportation in labour market dynamics for urban poor : a case of Ahmedabad.Bhakuni, Nitika Chandra KishorsinghSwamy, H.M. Shivanand
2010Role of urban design in India, a case of Lucknow.Singh, Amit KumarSharma, Utpal
2021Role of urban forests for urban communities : the case of Jhalana forest reserve, jaipurTholia, AnubhaBhargava, Mansee Bal
2013Role of urban governance in mitigation of disaster: a case of Ahmedabad.Modi, RajRay,Chandranath N.
2020Role of urban green spaces in quality of life in Jaipur : implications for urban planningVerma, KristiRoy, Anil Kumar
2017Role of urban local bodies in urban flood management measures : case of Chennai floods 2015.Ziona, Selva B.Baradi, Manvita
2015Role of urban local bodies and institutional gaps and overlaps in the provision of public transport services : case of public transport in Surat .Naik, UktiLokre, Abhijit
2023Role of urban morphology, in enhancing outdoor thermal comfort- a case of Mumbai, IndiaVidyashankar, KritikaLilly, Rose A.