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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1999Urbanisation impact on fringe villages : case study of Rajkot.Vaghela, Bharat N.Ray, Chandranath N.
2016Urbanization and tourism induced environmental challenges in hill cities : case of municipal solid waste management in Gangtok City.Rai, BeranGoswami, Subhrangshu
1983Urbanization trends and patterns in Gujarat.Shah, Piyushkumar ShantilalMehta, Dinesh
2015Urbanization, city size and labour productivity - revisiting optimal city size argument.Pincha, PrathamShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2013Usage and barries of social media marketing in MSMEs.Patel, JinalDoctor, Gayatri; Doctor, Khushru
2012Usage pattern of advanced technology features of automated teller machine .Kumar, GauravSamuel, Mercy
2020Use of collaborative cloud_based platforms for PMIS in construction industryArya, Aryan KumarThakkar, Chinmay
2002Use of collapsible elements to introduce another order of architectural expression in works of Santiago Calatrava.Shah, MitulVora, Kartik
1995Use of computer simulation in construction.Trivedi, ManishSharan, Girja
1994Use of flyash in masonary mortar.Patel, Nitin A.Mehta, Shailesh
2011Use of geographical information systems and remote sensing technologies in the development of a smart-city.Bhatt, RutikaShrivastava, Prateek
2001Use of geometry as an organizational tool : case study of a house and three institutional projects done by Peter Eisenman.Mehta, EktaPandya, Yatin
1979Use of natural environment by the Ancient Indians : with particular reference to horticulture.Rajwade, M. M.Bhatt, Panubhai N.
2011Use of remote sensing and GIS for building the property tax system.Yennite, PhanindraKalimuthu; Vyas, Anjana
2011Use of SAR data for crop parameter characterization : Use of multi-temporal and dual-polarimetric SAR.Dasgupta, Enakshi A.Chakraborty, Manab; Patnaik, C.P.
-Use of solar energy for mass transport.Doctor, PratikSheth, Anal
2011Use of space in kitchens of Ahmedabad : a study of change.Gandhi, SamhitaPeriera, Dexter
2017Use of space syntax theory for bicycle network planning.Saiprasad, Ghosalkar PoojaSinha, Shalini
2021Use of space-based night-time light data for societal and environmental applications Use of space-based night-time light data for societal and environmental applicationsShah, MeghChhabra, Abha
2010Use of technology in disaster management : a case study of Surat flood.Desai, AshayPatel, Bharat