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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2001Balance : a principle of nature - a study of its manifestation in the creations of man.Sodha, RuchitaPatel, Kireet
2011Bamboo as construction material for housing in Kerala.Narendran, ManuReubens, Rebecca; Thaker, Parth
2021Bamboo Fastening System : For assembly based temporary structuresThukral,Bharat RajSankalpa
2010Banana fiber extraction in Tamilnadu - Minor B.Balaram, Padmini TolatRao, P. Kurma
2015Banganga tank - conservation of its cultural significance.Bhoir, Namrata ManoharDesai, Jigna
2016Banglow designed by Sir Robert Felloers Chisom : an inquiry into the characteristics of a colonial house from in Baroda in the late 19th century.Prajapati, MansiNagarsheth, Snehal
1996Banni house form : a study of the phenomenon of change.Amin, ApurvaPandya, Yatin
2014Baradaris as an archetype role, conception and architectural production between 15th to 17th century in northwestern India and Deccain plains : the case of Ahhichtragrah palace complex, Nagpur, Rajasthan.Parulkar, Rutika W.Jain, Minakshi K.
2004Barcelona pavilion to the rooftop remodelling : change in the notion of architectural form.Reubens Jr., ErrolKakani, Surya
2015Baroda : a new thinking : tracing the influential trends of modernism in Baroda.Shah, YashJoshi, Sanjeev
2016Baroda museum : an inquiry into the design intent, attitude and expression of one of the first buildings of its type in india.Shah, AditiHirpara, Nirav
2019Barrier analysis of smart cities mission, India : water management component.Khanna, BhanuSaxena, Ashwani Kumar
2000Barrier free environment : planning for the disabled : a search.Shah, ManishShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2002Barrier-free design for people with special needs.Kantharia, VinayBalaram, S.
2013Barriers and challenges in provision of universal accessibility in public transport : case of Bangalore.Pandey, RichaAkalkotkar, Manjiri
2012Barriers and opportunities implementing renewable energy in road transport.Agrawal, SonalShivanand Swamy, H. M.
2017Barriers for women engineers in Indian construction industry.Sharma, Srishti RajivDevkar, Ganesh
2014Barriers hindering the implementation of BIM in the Indian construction industry.Dave, KabirIyengar, Shreekant; Karia, Nimitt
2012Barriers in conversion of Indian cities into solar cities : a case of Faridabad and Rajkot.Chopra, SippySamuel, Mercy; Sharma, Rutool
2012Barriers in fare integration of public transport systems.Pednekar, VijayshreeShivanand Swamy, H. M.