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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Paata : a vernacular furniture of Bikaner.Shah, JaySathyanarayan, Mansi
2017Paata : a vernacular furniture of Bikaner.Shah, JaySathyanarayan, Mansi
2015Paddy culture lands and anthropogenic pressures in Kerala.George, BenisonParthasarathy, R.
1986Padhars : an ethno-architectural study.Singh, ShaishavAgrawal, Binod C.
1998Padukams of nambuthiri illams : understanding its importance as an element of transition.Ray, SuparnaVasavada, Ravindra J.
1976Palace complex .Shukla, Kartik Y.Jain, Kulbhushan B.
1998Palimpsest, interpretation of images reflecting Indian context in symbolic and realistic ways.Vajaria, AmitMatharoo, G. S.; Shah, Sanjiv
2017Panaah : a living solution for the homeless.Dhaliwal, Gurpal SinghAchnani, Vicky
2020Panelised construction in interior design : a study of assembly based processesPatel, RajviShah, Amal
2019Paradigms of craft-design collaboration.Mahajan, CharruReubens, Rebecca
2018Paramatric study of performance based plastic design for steel moment resisting frame in context of IS Codes.Sanghavi, Dhaval V.Shah, Dhara; Sheth, Rutvik K.
2013Parameters affecting embodied energy in walling materials.Shah, NirmitShah, Dipan
2014Parameters affecting municipal water supply cost recovery : a case of Ahmedabad.Gajjar, Juhi KanaiyalalIyer, Mona
2018Parameters affetcing green buildings in Gujarat.Shah, HarshShah, Dipsha
2014Parameters of real estate price escalation : a case of Ahmedabad.Saha, RahulBharti, Madhu
Sep-2021Parametric comparison of cast in-situ vs. pre-cast drainChaudhary, RahulkumarSheth, Anal
2013Parametric cost estimation model for flyovers in conceptual phase.Ghelani, Aadil P.Pandit, Devanshu
2005Parametric study and cost effective solution of a PSC-T girder .Gajjar, MaitriShah, B. J.
2008Parametric study between cast-in-place continuous and simply supported prestressed concrete box girder bridges.Gandhi, Nikita A.Parikh, Apurva N.
2017Parametric study of CFT deck-arch bridge through graphical and numerical computational tools.Singh, MayankMehta, Krunal