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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2014Evaluation of mould growth risk in wall assemblies with different hygrothermal properties in warm and humid climate - a simulation based study.Mahera, ShailyManu, Sanyogita
2014Expression of cultural identity in built environment focus on facades, reception areas of lodging homes in Pushkar.Bhagtani, KomalBharat, Gauri
2014Relationship between geometry and architectural articulation of the kund and its shrines.Agarwal, NidhiVora, Kartik
2014Un-stabilized earth construction systems and building practices : formulating construction guidelines on the basis of design principles for unstabilized earth construction.Joshi, KhanjanKotak, Tejas; Vaghela, Kiran
2014Optimizing thermal performance of walls and mapping an operative schedule for mixed-mode building in Ahmedabad.Sakthi Bhuvaneswari R.Patankar, Sushma; Vadivelu, Jayanthi R.
2014Potential of mixed mode buildings in hot and dry climate, Ahmedabad : a case of office buildings.Mathur, MehakBhatt, Munjal
2014Study of the influences on the surface ornamentation in the diwankhanas of the havelis of Bikaner.Gupta, KanikaDesai, Jigna
2014Courtyard : change in meaning from traditional to contemporary, in domestic architecture of Jaipur.Kaur, JasreetPandya, Yatin
2014Space making elements as reflection of religion and culture in traditional houses of Kerala.Mathew, ElizabethRamaswamy, N.
2014Comparative study of intervention models implemented in metal craft clusters of India.Saini, SimrandeepThakkar, Jay