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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2013Passive cooling and design strategies : understanding stack ventilation system and thermal comfort by activity pattern in pol houses of Ahmedabad.Belgudri, Hrishikesh RavinrdaKakani, Surya
2013System dynamics approach towards identifying parameters of sustenance of a community : water management in Sadhana forest, Auroville.Raveendran, AparnaRaje, Nitin
2013Thermal evaluation of walls, roofs and sun-shades in the composite climatic zone : a case of New Delhi.Krishan, AkankshaDesai, Jigna
2013Thermal evaluation of walls, roofs and sun-shades in the temperate climate zone a case of Pune, Maharashtra.Agarwal, AditiDesai, Jigna
2013Study the potential of urban agriculture as a part of sustainable landscape : a case study of institutions in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.Bhalekar, Priyanka PrakashRaje, Nitin
2013Development of a method to achieve uniform stress distribution in a uniformly loaded continuous beam.Belsare, Mangesh SuhasChhaya, Neelkanth Shah; Vinod R.
2013Comparative study of appropriate decentralised wastewater treatment system for urban residential use.Deshpande, Devendra AnilKakani, Surya
2013Natural lighting of deep office spaces : comparative analysis of daylighting devices for office buildings in Pune.Jog, Ninad PratapKakani, Surya
2013Inquiry of a green building rating system its potential to address issues of sustainability.Gajjar, Zankhana RajeshDesai, Jigna
2013Improving daylight condition of high rise office building in high density urban fabric of Mumbai.Kumar, RaushanRaje, Nitin