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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2009Study of Shiva temple of mt Pavagadh : understanding the characteristic feature of temple architecture in western India.Dafda, Jaikumar BhanjibhaiHajarnis, Ravi
2009Constructing place, meaning and identity : an enquiry into the bhutaneses Dzong in its socio-cultural and political environment.Srinivasan, PadmapriyaDesai, Miki
2009Study of house form and settlement of Bohra community at Palanpur : understanding the constant and the variation.Mistry, Parag JayeshkumarKadam, Rajiv
2009Learning outside the classroom : an enquiry into child's behavioral psychology to learning environments of schools.Vyas, Maulik VijaykumarPandya, Yatin
2009Inquiry into adaptive thermal comfort : mapping the occupants' perceived thermal comfort in five institutions of Ahmedabad.Sher, Rohin C.Rawal, Rajan
2009Relationship between program and architectural form : a study of schools of architecture.Vyas, Smit YagneshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2009Integration of nature : water and vegetation in work environment.Mistry, Nirali MukeshkumarPandya, Yatin
2009Evolution of house form in Kutch .Suthar, Vijaykumar PrakashchandraArya, Meghal
2009Idiom of illustration : a chronological study of visionary techniques in 'un-built' architectural representation between 1900 and 2005.Das, Surajit RanjanDar, Vishal K.
2009Reinterpreting the contemporaneous in the Indian context : comparative analysis of the civic building by Raj Rewal and Charles Correa.Herma, SiddharthKadam, Rajiv