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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2020Achieving net-zero energy in high rise office building in India and its cost implicationsVakil, Gaurav Shirish (PG180301)Sayyed, Autif
2020Identification and validation of simulation methodology to predict daylight performance of perforated screenBhatt, Khushbu (PG180421)Jeevan, Mohan
2020Evaluation of robustness of existing Glare metrics for Indian contextKaushik, Jayaveeran (PG180403)Maskarenj, Marshal
2020Developing solutions for limiting energy consumption of buildings due to socio-economic, technological and floor space evolutionsYaduvanshi, Nikhil Singh (PG180601)Rawal, Rajan
2020Enhancing daylighting for a Coaching Institute by giving retrofit solutions using a luminance-based illuminance approach.Agrawal, Mayuri Dinesh (PG180526)Maskarenj, Marshal
2020Automation and operational optimization of venetian blinds based façade for user comfort: a simulation-based frameworkJayaram, Sreejith (PG181042)Maskarenj, Marshal
2020Development of rule-based smart control algorithms for desiccant cooling systems located in warm and humid regions of IndiaKumar, Mahesh J. (PG180499)Shukla, Yash
2020Evaluating the scope of energy reduction by cooling the office spaces using low energy cooling systemsSolanki, Shubham (PG180982)SMH, Adil; Damle, Rashmin
2020Assessing indoor air quality in an intensive care unit of a hospital in a metropolitan city.Sharma, Krutikaa (PG180457)Deshmukh, Aalok
2020Impact of room ac outdoor unit placement configuration on energy efficiencyPatel, Krishna R. (PG180448)Rawal, Rajan