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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2017Enquiry : HRIDAY scheme through the lens of a sense of place.Fatma, SanaDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul
2011Evaluating market based approach for parking policies in Mumbai city.Patil, Swapnali PrakashJoshi, Rutul; Mohammed, Mahroof
2020Examining the system of automoblity in MumbaiSinha, Elika ShyamalJoshi, Rutul
2019Examinnig the approaches used to regulate permissible floor space in cities. planning.).Dodhiya, AmanJoshi, Rutul
2017Exploration of public opinion and engagement on government schemes : aids to better implementation and management.Saini, SugamDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul
2015Factors affecting urban sprawl : a case study of Pune.Krrithiya, H. S.Joshi, Rutul
2015Gender based mapping of urban public spaces : a case study of Lal-chowk, Srinagar.Khan, Zoya M.Joshi, Rutul
2016Gender, mobility and everyday cycling : the case of Ahmedabad.Chauhan, Rachita BJoshi, Rutul
2016Gendered mobility in public transportation system in case of Vijayawada.Supraja, AnumakondaJoshi, Rutul
2018Guidelines for the development of bicycle infrastructure in Chennai.Umasankar, KashicJoshi, Rutul
Aug-2023How patterns : spatial conditions, land use, movement, in the planned colonies, delhi making "inward looking neighbourhoods"Jain, RishabhJoshi, Rutul
2017How transport disadvantage affects the life of lower income group migrant worker in Gurgaon.Mehta, AvniJoshi, Rutul
2019Humne aapko dekha hai : women and public transport in Ahmedabad.Gulati, SahibaJoshi, Rutul
2015Implementation bottlenecks in slum redevelopment schemes in Ahmedabad.Jade, DhritiJoshi, Rutul
2021Improving Chennai 's flood resilience through a more efficient and integrated approach to land use planning systemsSwashya, SureshJoshi, Rutul
2017Influence of automobile on architectural design.Soni, DhruvilJoshi, Rutul
2017Infrastructure need assessment under HRIDAY scheme in Dwarka and Mathura.Patel, ShikhaDesai, Jigna; Joshi, Rutul
2023Investigating parking practices in TOD areas - do the 'park and ride' at transit stations work for transit use?Vardhan, BorraJoshi, Rutul
2009Land for urban poor in planning mechanism: the case of T P scheme in Ahmedabad.Sanga, PrashantJoshi, Rutul
2019Managing transit-induced development while planning for TOD in Indian cities.Sethi, NehalJoshi, Rutul