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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
2011Accessibility measures as a tool to improve public transport patronage : a case of Nagpur.Sharma, Yogesh M.Munshi, Talat
2014Accessibility to health care facilities for urban poor.Kulkarni, KasturiMunshi, Talat
2015Accessibility to healthcare infrastructure in hill areas : a case of Shimla.Patro, AdwitiyaMunshi, Talat
2014Accessibility to work places using public transport for urban poor : the case of Surat city.Zanzmera, HarekrushnaMunshi, Talat
2013Accessibility transport employment link : the case of Kochi.Joseph, YogiMunshi, Talat
2013Accidents pertaining to road infrastructure and its impact on selection of transport mode.Vasanwala, Quresh M.Munshi, Talat
2015Analysing the feasibility of promoting bicycle as a transport mode for tourists in Agra.Parmar, VishwanathMunshi, Talat
2014Analysing the impact of Surat BRTS on city level carbon emission.Gheewala, NiravMunshi, Talat
2016Analysis of public buses with respect to women safety : a case of Ahmedabad.Rodeja, NikhitaMunshi, Talat
2009Analyzing modal shift : case of BRTS Jaipur.Chaudhary, NiveshMunshi, Talat
2010Applicability of transport models in India : a critique.Tak, YougalMunshi, Talat
2011Application of 'centrality measures' to identify relationship between network centrality and the transit demand at public transit stops : a caseof Ahmedabad city, India.Jayasinghe, AmilaMunshi, Talat
2015Approach towards zero solid waste management in the city of Haridwar city.Najamuddin, NaumanMunshi, Talat
2011Appropriateness of fare structure : case of AMTS Ahmedabad.Jhala, DivyarajMunshi, Talat
2015Assess the accessibility to workplaces using public transport in Dubai.Arvind, ShruthiMunshi, Talat
2010Assess to work space in C. B. D. by the use of Delhi metro : case 'Connaught place, New Delhi.Garg, MayankMunshi, Talat
2016Assessing the relationship between accessibility and land and property values in context of Delhi metro.Sharma, PrafullMunshi, Talat
2016Assesssing the accessibility of elderly to mobility options in Ahmedabad.Kothari, Dhruvi ManishMunshi, Talat
2016Augmenting last mile connectivity to Mumbai metro.Paranjape, AmrutaMunshi, Talat
2015Challenges of growth management in Gurgaon.Suhag, RoopalMunshi, Talat; Pangotra, Prem