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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Guide(s)
1999After the moderns : an analytical study of the works of Richard Meier.Bhalani, JigneshChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2003Analysis of architectural form of a Banares house to describe a condition of its presence in its environmentMenon, RajasekharanChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1994Approach to unity in architecture : a study of Carlo Scarpa's work.Mehta, SapnaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2001Appropriating one's space : process and result in the Indian context.Kalsariya, SunitaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1988Archetypal feminine and its architectural manifestations : a study of Hindu sacred architecture.Amin, SandeepChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1995Architectural character and the urban setting : a study of the palaces in Indore.Dadachanji, PersisChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1990Architectural elements of spatial delimitation and their fundamental expression with a particular reference to Hindu architecture.Sharma, SanjeevChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1991Architectural intentions and methods of composition.Jain, KshitijChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1995Architecture and language : structural linguistics in an architectural context.Sethi, AjayChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2008Architecture as a manifestation of two realms.Gohil, PavitraChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2001Architecture of Leo Pereira.Vetoskar, PrashantChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2013Attitude towards landscape : the courtyard dwelling as a theme of response.Ramani, Sneha HarshadbhaiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1997Category of the regular : modes of knowing and architectural production in the age of reason.Zachariah, PriyaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2014Centre as a feature of spatial structure and architectural experience.Trivedi, SagarChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2012Change in experiential qualities of public spaces in Ahmedabad.Mohanty, ArusreeChhaya, Neelkanth H.
2011Change in kinds of public places in Ahmedabad.Pancholi, BrindaChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1999City : expression of human domain.Derasari, SnehalChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Concept and experience : an immediate street space of Banaras.Pancholi, Brinda D.Chhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Concept and experience : the Rauza complex at Sarkhej, Ahmedabad.Talati, PaulomiChhaya, Neelkanth H.
1998Conceptual and the real : understanding an experience of the city : Ahmedabad.Tayyibji, RiyazChhaya, Neelkanth H.